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Home Improvement Insurance Considerations

Date: 2018-03-05

With the weather getting warmer it's a great time to start thinking about some home renovation projects you can get started. Whether it's little like replacing all your windows or bigger like adding a second level, make sure you consider all aspects of the project before you start.

Why and when to notify your agent

Some homeowner's policies have limits on their coverage and may not cover the increase of the value of your home after renovations are completed. Talking to your agent before any construction will give them the chance to advise toward a successful renovation.

Contractors Professional Liability Insurance, what is it, and why it's needed

Contractors professional liability is liability policy that covers contractors and related professionals for any construction errors. It's important to know your contractor has a policy and that any subcontractors they hired are also insured. This extra coverage will ensure complete coverage of the renovation project.

I'm not using a contractor, My project is DIY.

That's great you have the skills to tackle this home project on your own. It's important to remember though that if you have any family or friends helping you out, you can still run the risk of a lawsuit if they're injured by helping you. Also when going the DIY route it's also important to keep track of all the materials that you used and to take pictures along the way. This type of photo documentation will be helpful to an agent to determine how much value you have added to your home.

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